Market Value Pricing


Are you searching for the best deal, and confused by used car prices?

Used Vehicle Pricing has long been a mystery to most buyers. a confusing web of different pricing for the same model vehicle. We here at Scott Drummond Motors Ltd in Campbellford are taking that confusion away from you and providing the best deal.

At Scott Drummond Motors Ltd we use “Market Value Pricing” so you can assure that you’re getting the best value for any vehicle. Our Live Market Pricing is a calculated computer system that scours the complete online market of available vehicles many times a day, searching for vehicles that are for sale or just recently have sold. If it’s online we can find it and know about it, and if there is a price change we will be notified.

The program compares our inventory against the same vehicles on the current market based on Make, Model, Year, Mileage and Trim Level. Taking all that information it then compares those vehicles against our vehicles and finds us the current market value. With that information provided we set our vehicle pricing and beat the competition.

Therefore you feel confident buying a previously enjoyed, used vehicle from Scott Drummond Motors Ltd in Campbellford.

Our Certified Pre-Owned undergo a rigorous 150+ point inspection backed by GM, and come fully detailed and prepared, making your decision to purchase your next vehicle from Scott Drummond Motors Ltd that much easier.