Drive Clean


Scott Drummond Motors Ltd in Campbellford an accredited test and repair facility. Our factory trained technicians can complete your Drive Safe testing in our modern facilities. By completing the test at Scott Drummond Motors Ltd, you can have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in good hands while we reduce carbon emissions together and protect Ontario.

Ontario’s Drive Clean program, administered by the Ministry of the Environment, reduces smog-causing pollutants from vehicles by testing them to identify emissions problems and requiring vehicles to be repaired. Driving Clean helps your vehicle and Ontario. Vehicle improvements reduce harmful emissions, protect the air we breathe, save fuel consumption and prolong the vehicle’s life. Passenger car, vans and light trucks registered in the southern Ontario Drive Clean area must pass a test every two years in order to renew license plates. Heavy-duty vehicles must also pass the test to continue driving.

All vehicles on Ontario’s highways – whether registered in Ontario or out-of-province – are subject to the provincial Environmental Protection Act. The act prohibits excessive visible exhaust emissions and the alteration or removal of emissions control equipment. This applies to vehicles even if they have passed a Drive Clean test. In addition, the act makes it an offense to be involved in the production of a false Drive Clean pass or to try to use one for a vehicle registration transaction.